Jobs for 14 year olds

It can be a daunting experience for a young teen that starts working for the first time so as an employer; it is a huge responsibility on your part to make sure that your young employee feels safe and comfortable rather than intimidated. The workplace can seem like a foreign place and the discipline and self-dependency required at the workplace can be a first ever experience for most of the teens. Stepping out of the comfort zone of their home and having their parents’ guide them at every step so far, employers offering jobs for 14 year olds need to pay attention to how big a step this is for their young employee.

To get the most out of the situation, the 14 year old needs to be evaluated well while at selection stage so that you can offer him a role where he can use his current level of knowledge and talents to the optimum while learning something new at the job that he takes up. In order to assist him to the best that he can be, a mentor or a guide who is available at the premises is perhaps the best possible option that you can provide. There are many full time professionals who can happily volunteer to be a mentor.