Garage door repair

In most of our houses and buildings we have a garage to safe keep our cars or to act as a storage area for our stuffs. The doors of the garage are usually opened manually by hand or automatically by a garage door opener. Over the years of use the doors tend to get broken or loose. To make them working again we need repairs. The manual ones are easy to repair but the automatic garage door repair could be tricky.

The automatic doors are usually of two types, ones which roll up in sections and ones which moves about in one piece. When attempting to repair a door opener we have to be very careful about the ones which have only one spring as the tension in the spring is so great it can easily cause bodily injury.

We start with checking the metal tracks. The tracks could be bent or not aligned properly; in this case we can use a hammer to drive the racks to their original position. We should also check if the metal braces which hold the track. Sometimes the track itself is fine but the braces are loose, in that case we can screw them in properly to have the door working again.